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Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of loan programs do you offer?

We offer FHA, VA, Rural Development, and Conforming Conventional loan programs. All of our programs are 30 and 15 Year Fixed rate loans. We will seek the lowest rate, lowest cost program available for each borrower. One of our most popular programs is a No Cash out-of-pocket, FHA with down payment assistance from one of the local municipalities. Great loan product for little to no cash borrowers and mediocre credit. Also, we offer Rural Development loans with 100% Financing and no cash out of pocket.

Do you specialize in any certain type of borrower or loan program?

Our primary focus is on purchase transactions for first time home buyers. Through streamlining our systems toward purchase transactions, we perform faster and are more efficient than most other lenders.

What fees can I expect to pay?

Since we charge no up-front application or credit fees, as our competitors, a 10 minute phone interview is all it takes for qualifying. We will provide a Credit and Income pre-qualification typically within an hour. Fees for appraisals and credit are collected at the close only. This is our commitment to a successful close.

How long will the process take?

Our streamlined system provides an average close time of 2 1/2 weeks for purchases and 3 weeks for refinances.

Once pre-qualified, what are the chances the loan will close?

We are the lender. Gary OConnor has 30 Years personal experience in the mortgage loan industry; from senior management, loan underwriting and sales. We make every attempt to determine any obstacles to closing. We stand by our commitments. The rare occasion takes place when we receive information contrary to our initial consultation, generally appraisal or title issues, that may effect the time or success of closing. But these are rare.

What hours are available?

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 to 5:00. Our hours are flexible and we frequently will meet with clients in the evenings and on weekends. We will make ourselves available.

What happens if you are unable to approve us?

We will provide the highest level of credit review and evaluation. On those rare occasions the borrower is not ready to complete a purchase, we will continually work with them until they are ready.
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